"A natural and healthy cooking in thousand delights"
In a charming frame, savour tasty dishes masterly designed by our chef.
A "Fusion" cuisine in which are associated contemporary Western dishes with traditional Asian recipes and the Khmer specialities. Fresh ocean flavours of the day, fishes and seafood, will delight your palace. For those who love wine, we selected French and World vintage wines which will accompany your meals elegantly. 
Your youngs are not forgotten with a specially adapted catering.
An attentive service cultivates the art to take care of you.

Colours and spicy scents will charm all your senses
Choose your relaxed or romantic atmosphere, rocked by a light breeze and the rustle of waves.
Asian Dish
  • The cosy space of the restaurant in a sophisticated decoration
  • fans
  • electric plugs
  • Wi-Fi

  • The exotic terraces fitted out in intimate oases with an exceptional sight on the swimming pool and the sea
  • Wi-Fi

  • Escape for a romantic dinner on the small creek lined with its islands by the sea, by appreciating a menu specially concocted for you.

  • Cocktail
    Bar, Snacks and Sweets
    Quench your envy urge at any day- or night-time. Snacks, ice creams and pastries will be served to you in the bar, around the swimming pool, on the beach and its creeks or in your room. Our team is always there to answer it.
  • Fresh coffee, espresso, selection of original teas
  • Fresh fruit juices, milk-shakes
  • alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails
  • selection of beers
  • local and international premium brands spirits
  • wine menu proposed with the bottle, out of carafe or with glass
  • champagnes

  • Atmospheres
    Meet every evening in the Happy-Hour bar where you can live the best moments of the day again, having an aperitif in a friendly atmosphere.
  • For night birds, the party as you like it will be going full swing. 
  • your musical choices to have a drink and dance
  • karaoke in French and in English
  • special evening parties by Belinda and Benny

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