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«To make your stay even more incredible – or mystical… - we promise you fascinating breakaways in this fabulous Kingdom of wonder that is Cambodia. »

From the BelindaBeach Hotel, we can offer you a variety of activities and excursions which will help you discover places even richer ones than those before.
Fruits on the Market

Visit to the fishermen's village
As you choose, either on foot or with a bike from the hotel, you travel on the paths of the island up to the fishermen's picturesque village. Perhaps you will meet there one of the three ancient cars still in circulation. The smiles, the good mood and the "hello" of the children will melt you. The daily scenes of the still unchanged life of this unspoilt population will make you a philosopher. Everyday, you can go to the market for fresh fish, seafood, fruits and vegetables and end by drinking an iced coffee on one of the many small terraces of the village.

Boat trip around the islands
Do you dream about white sand deserted beaches, rocked by waves in the shade of coconut palms? At your request (for a few hours or a full day) a traditional long-tail boat will take you along to discover the beauties of Koh Sdach archipelago. On the still virgin islands, you can collect starfish, seahorses, pieces of corals or beautiful shells. If, between two islands, you cannot resist to the appeal of the crystal clear and turquoise blue water, dive and let yourself be carried by the gentle current of this welcoming sea. If you wish, we can organize a romantic picnic with the scents and colors conjured by your imagination and end with the sunset on the sea. A trip with which the memories will remain for a long time.

Dive on the Coral reef
Both amateur and professional divers consider this area of Cambodia as one of the most beautiful spots of the Gulf of Siam. The beauty and the variety of its corals, its fish the thousand shapes, surprising colors and crystalline transparency of its waters make it a wonderful area for diving. A coral reef stretches all around Koh Sdach island at only thirty meters from the beach. We make all our snorkeling gear at your disposal. If you wish, a professional scuba diving center located on the island has packages at all levels from the beginner to the experienced diver, from a half-day to several days around the Koh Sdach archipelago.
(May be you will even find the wreck of the ancient Chinese junk the place of which is kept secret by the authorities looking for funds necessary for its refloating?)

Marine fishing at Night
You want to live a new experience? Accompany a captain who will accomodate you on his boat during one of his night offshore trips. You will see the crew at work, throwing of the nets, bringing fish back and, maybe, you will want to learn the techniques of these proud and strong men by giving them a hand.


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